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AC Tips – Get the Most Out of Your AC This Summer

AC Tips – Get the Most Out of Your AC This Summer


AC tips
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When temperatures soar, so does your electricity bill. Running your AC during peak temperatures comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make your AC run more efficiently. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save a little money. Here are some AC tips to help you get the most out of your AC this summer.


#1 Insulation

One of the biggest AC tips we can offer is to make sure your home is properly insulated. When a home isn’t well sealed it is susceptible to air leaks. When cool air is escaping your AC has to work harder to maintain the temperature. There is also ample opportunity for warm air to penetrate as well, which also makes your AC work harder. To combat this, make sure your home is sealed. Check around doors, windows, and any openings around vents and pipes. You will also want to check attics and crawlspaces. A well-insulated home is a more efficient home. This will also help you in the winter time when you are running your heater.


#2 Thermal Curtains

Another AC tip is to invest in some thermal curtains. Thermal curtains can help keep warm air from penetrating through your windows and heating up your home. Older homes with single pane windows are more susceptible to this. If replacing the windows in your home isn’t within budget, consider investing in some thermal curtains to help keep your home cooler and more insulated.


#3 Ceiling Fans

Utilizing ceiling fans is a great AC tip that can help make your AC run more efficiently. When ceiling fans are in use they help circulate the air

AC tips
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and keep room 10 degrees cooler. This means your AC doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the temperature.


#4 Adjust the Thermostat

You can help you AC run more efficiently by adjusting the thermostat. During the summer, running your AC around 75-78 degrees can help keep your home comfortable and save you money. If you are also using thermal curtains, and ceiling fans, a higher setting on your thermostat will hardly be noticeable.


#5 AC Inspection

One of the biggest AC tips we can offer is to have your AC inspected once a year. A professional AC technician will inspect your AC and make sure that all of its mechanical parts are in good shape. Cleaning and replacing parts is part of keeping your AC running more efficiently. Just like with oil changes on your car, a well-oiled machine will last longer and run better.


Good Excuses for Upgrading Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Looking to remodel your bathroom? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Every year, thousands of Los Angeles homeowners take the plunge and decide to remodel their bathrooms. There’s no denying the fact that a bathroom remodel will help increase the value of any home, but many homeowners struggle to decide which improvements to make.

Aiming to help solve this dilemma and help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams, here’s a look at 10 of our top reasons to undertake a bathroom remodel in your home.

 Los Angeles, CA bathroom remodeling1. You need more space.

One of the most common reasons for a bathroom remodel is simply the need for more space. Not only do you need a bathroom for guests, but let’s face it, families grow. Between children and pets, sometimes you just need a little extra space. Maybe a second sink and larger vanity is in order? Perhaps you want to add a water closet or a walk-in shower? Regardless of your needs, constraints, or spatial requirements, it’s definitely possible to remodel your bathroom and end up with a fabulous finished product.

2. Boost Your Home’s Value

Updated bathrooms are one of the most sought after home features on the must-have lists of today’s homebuyers. Therefore, outdated and inadequate bathrooms can severely impact the perceived value of your home. When done right, you can expect to recoup all or more of your bathroom remodeling investment in most markets. If you’re not looking to sell and simply want a beautiful bathroom to enjoy, you’ll be able to have the bathroom of your dreams and the satisfaction in knowing you made a sound investment.

3. You need space for storage.

Whether or not you’ve added more members to your household, everyone accumulates stuff over the years and begins needing more storage space at some point in time. If you’re constantly knocking over items on your vanity or piling towels on top of some cheap plastic shelf, it may be time for a storage-conscious bathroom remodeling project. From towel closets and beauty cabinets to stylish shelving units and more, there are several storage possibilities that will keep your toiletries and bathroom accessories neat, safe, and out of the way.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Have you updated the rest of your home and neglected the bathroom? Do you want to tie the kitchen and baths together by incorporating the same elements and materials? Are you happy with the size and space of your bathroom but simply want to boost its beauty and get rid of those 1950s tiles?

If so, you’re just like thousands of others who remodel their bathrooms each year to bring them into the 21st century and increase their aesthetic appeal.

5. The plumbing needs to be revamped.

Daily usage and the elements can take a toll on the plumbing in your home. Pipes can begin to crack and leak, resulting in not only costly water bills and dangerous mold, but possibly structural damage as well. Not to mention, pipes manufactured prior to 1990 could possibly contain asbestos or other harmful materials. Although it will go largely unnoticed, new plumbing in your bathroom will protect both your Los Angeles home and loved ones for years to come.

6. You want to change the fixtures’ colors.

Decorating fads come and go. In fact, decorating trends tend to change every five years or so, resulting in endless bathrooms that come across as unappealing or out of date. If your bathroom is still sporting an 80’s-inspired emerald green bathtub or blue porcelain sink and the last thing you’re going for is the retro look, different fixture colors are definitely in store.

A bathroom remodel will bring your fixtures into this century and certainly freshen up your bathroom’s appearance for the long haul.

7. Tile and Grout Need to be Replaced

Like everything else, tile and grout have a shelf life. Unfortunately, we’ve run across endless bathrooms with tile and grout that has definitely outlived theirs. As grout ages, it can wear and become increasingly porous, causing mildew and mold buildup both on and under the surface.

In addition to looking dirty and nasty, these dangerous substances are health hazards that can result in severe respiratory issues. Like grout, repeated exposure to water and chemical cleaners can make tile porous as well, leading to the same health issues.

 Los Angeles, CA bathroom remodeling 28. You have the bathtub blues.

If you have an older bathroom, chances are it has a small standard bathtub or plain oval tub.

Worse yet, maybe it doesn’t have a tub at all? With a wide variety of large and stylish bathtubs on the market these days, there’s no need to barely cover your legs when taking a bath or be forced to shower in a sad stall. Wouldn’t you rather bathe in comfort and soothe those aches and pains for a change?

If you answered yes, then you’ve found the perfect reason to remodel your bathroom. Bathtub technology has come a long way over the years.

Today, there are dozens of functional, soothing, and aesthetically pleasing bathtub options to help you relax and refresh in ultimate comfort and style.

9. Fixtures Need Updating

Similar to color schemes, fixtures and surrounding styles change over time as well. People have different design aesthetics and what was the “in” thing in the 80s certainly isn’t fashionable now. Therefore, the family that lived in your home before you may have decorated your bathroom in a style you simply don’t like. Builders are also known for using less expensive fixtures when constructing new homes. Both of these are popular reasons to remodel a bathroom.

10. Add a Layer of Extra Protection

Bathrooms can be hot and humid places, sometimes resulting in mold and bacteria buildup, regardless of your climate. Even if your bathroom doesn’t have a mold issue, its walls can weaken over time due to moisture and internal plumbing elements. By coating them with a layer of protective paint, however, you can help your bathroom fight humidity and moisture, prolonging its life and keeping you and your family safe.

If your Los Angeles, CA home is in need of a bathroom remodel, call Fix It Fast Plumbing at (888)-465-7012 and treat yourself to the bathroom you deserve!

Top Trends for Now

The Top 3 Bathroom Trends To Watch For In 2016

Simi Valley, CA Annual Trends

Light Fixtures

The trend in 2016 for light fixtures is that they are no longer a single lightbulb that’s covered with a glass dome or something simple but more extravagant in nature. Light fixtures that are in a bathroom these days will be standing out like never before, and it’s not unusual for people to put chandeliers in their bathrooms.

Although bathroom sizes vary, bathrooms that are big enough in size to add a chandelier can have an amazingly beautiful light fixture that draws the eye as soon as someone walks into the room. Other light fixtures may be on the wall as opposed to the ceiling, and there are many other things that can be done with light fixtures to make them look beautiful as well as setting them apart from the rest of the fixtures and items in the room.

Open Shelves

It used to be standard to have shelves and cabinets that were behind closed doors, or maybe there was a sliding door in the bathroom that held linens, but now open shelves are becoming the norm. Many are choosing to have a closet with open shelves as opposed to a closet that has a door in front of it. The open shelves give a different look to the room, but anything that goes inside the shelves can easily be seen by anyone in the bathroom.

Open shelves can be great for towels as well as linens for the bathroom, especially if it’s set up near the bathtub or the shower. Anything that doesn’t really belong on an open shelf can easily go into the cabinetry, especially if it’s something that should be kept out of sight. Even open shelf vanities are becoming popular as well, which means people are now more transparent with the things they store in their Simi Valley bathroom, even if it’s personal items.

Stand Alone Tubs

A standalone tub is a wonderful idea for any Simi Valley bathroom because of the fact that it doesn’t need to be placed in the corner of a room or even against the wall. The tub can be almost any shape, and the tub doesn’t need anything to support it. These tubs can be placed anywhere inside the bathroom, whether it’s in the corner of the bathroom or in the middle of the bathroom. These tubs are absolutely beautiful and make the bathroom look more modern in appearance.

Thinking about adding on some new trends to your Simi Valley, CA bathroom in 2016? Call Fix It Fast Plumbing Co at (805) 526-9500 today for any of your desired plumbing needs.

Little Tweaks Towards Your Own Spa

5 Inventive Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom For The New Year

Your Remodeling Project Starts With A Plumber

Call your local Simi Valley plumber to see if they do remodeling projects for bathrooms, and if that particular plumber doesn’t do remodeling jobs, then find one that does. Plumbers do remodeling jobs for bathrooms, no matter what types of jobs you want to have completed in your bathroom. You want to deal directly with the plumber, and they’ll make sure they get all the work done to remodel your bathroom, especially if it’s a major overhaul of everything that’s in the bathroom.

Simi Valley, CA bathroom-remodeling-services

Try Out These Remodeling Ideas

Add New Countertops- Any type of new countertop can drastically change the look of your bathroom, especially if you have several different countertops. Check out different kinds of materials for your countertops, and decide on a material that will beautify the bathroom.

Add A New Toilet- If you choose to remodel your entire bathroom, then the toilet is going to be important, so switch it out. Also, think about getting a toilet with some color, especially since it’ll make the bathroom look a lot more fancy.

A New Shower- Those that don’t mind taking on a big project may want to put a shower in their bathroom that doesn’t connect to the tub. Putting in a separate shower is great for homes that have several people using a single bathroom or homes that have bathrooms that are big enough to do this kind of project.

A New Tub- If you start to see your tub rusting around the edges, peeling, cracking, or it’s just unappealing, then getting a new tub is a great idea. You can purchase a new tub that can be installed, and there are many types of tubs available. If you want to save money, then having your tub refinished to look like new can also work.

New Cabinets- You can always add new cabinets to your bathroom, which can be used to hold all types of things, especially towels. A way to save money is by taking off the doors of the old cabinets and replacing them with new doors to make the cabinets look new.

Remodeling Doesn’t Have To Cost A Lot

You may think that remodeling your Simi Valley bathroom will cost a lot of money, but there are some things to do to cut down costs. Buy secondhand products when possible, shop for sales that sell bathroom supplies and products, and stick to your budget.

Start the new year in your Simi Valley, CA home with a new bathroom! Call Fix It Fast Plumbing at (805) 526-9500 today, so we can get started on your new bathroom!

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Kickstart Your Simi Valley Home Makeover!

5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you will need to have a complete concept of what you are expecting. Changing your mind in the middle of the project can prove very costly in both time and money

Simi Valley, LA Plumbing Remodeling ServicesMake Some Room

Hot topics like center islands are great for both looks and functionality, but mistakes in this area consist of making the countertop too big or having the wrong height. The countertop should only be large enough for usability, not too big for the space. On average you can consider a three foot by six feet top of quality working space.

Storage space is another area where mistakes can easily take place. Carefully plane the amount of space you will need and where to put it. Don’t skimp! Consumer reports say that dishes and glasses need four to six linear feet of cabinet above or near the sink and dishwasher. Pot and pans should have the same amount of space and placed near the cook top.

Also keeping a hideaway 30-quart trash bin near the sink and dishwasher is very beneficial.

Having the wrong range-hood is also a common mistake. The hood should be as wide as the cook top below. If it is Placed over an island, it should be six inches wider.

Another important detail is lighting. Even with the best overhead lighting, shadows can still be a problem. Under cabinet lighting can brighten the work space as well as the entire area.

Before getting started on your project, keep these ideas in mind:

1. Never start your project until every item has been delivered to your home.

2. Know the exact dimensions of the appliances and the cabinetry before the installation begins so when you open the cabinet doors and appliance doors they won’t come in contact with each other. This can also prevent bruising to oneself or others.

3. Setting timelines is great, but expect your renovation to take more time than expected.

4. Pay close attention to the finishing details. Aesthetics are fine, but functionality is what counts.

5. Choose your concept carefully because you are going to have it a while.

The best way to approach your renovation project is with a licensed professional contractor. The contractor can advise you on all the proper needs for the job from appliances, to flooring, wall covering and more, helping you save time and money.

Enjoy your new kitchen.

Your kitchen is a central part of your family life, so make it beautiful. Call Fix It Fast Plumbing at 888-465-7012 to transform the look of your Simi Valley, CA home with unique kitchen remodeling ideas.

Updating Your Bathroom in 2015

Five Trends in Bathroom Design

Simi Valley PlumberAs a bathroom supply professional, bathroom designer, or home improvement enthusiast, you are constantly faced with design dilemmas.

Your family members or customers want you to help them choose the hottest design trends, best brand equipment and lowest cost. The current trends focus on specific technological changes, color changes, and ease of access features. To meet your client’s wishes, you need to know which trends are really hot and which are not.

Zen Peace

One main trend is to make the home bathroom be more like a spa. There are associated designs features including muted colors, easy access hand-less faucets and sophisticated sound systems. The goal is to create a calm refuge in a busy world that permits luxuriating in a warm tub, relaxing in a surround shower with variable nozzle positions and visuals that create a deep Zen like peace of mind.

The Greening of the Bathroom

Another important trend is the greening of the bathroom. The recent drought on the west coast has made people aware of how much bathrooms consume and waste water, which degrades the environment. People are beginning to experiment with green walls and oxygen producing plants in the bathroom. This opens up new product lines for vendors. Likewise, there are high tech controls of shower functions including water pressure and temperature. These technologies are attractive to modern customers in that they support personal choice and give a sense of good citizenship in saving water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

An Entertainment Space

Another new trend is to make your customer’s bathroom an entertainment space. More marketable new equipment is available, which provides state of the art audio technology including wireless connections. In a world where music streaming is universal, it is a reasonable prediction that speakers and control sound systems will become a standard part of bathroom technology.Simi Valley Bathroom Trends

Extreme Linear Design

Another new trend is to maintain clean lines including natural wood lines and to make key features of the bathroom like the toilet disappear under cabinets and wood covers. Clutter is reduced and extreme linear design and functionality are enhanced.

Combining Disparate Elements

A final trend is the individualized combination of disparate elements. The customer may want a free standing Victorian ball and claw tub with a stained glass window and an ornate mirror. Of course, this could be coupled with a water less bath tub and a steam shower. The customer can combine the antique elegance of Victorian visuals with state-of-the-art colors and sound ambiance as well as innovative technology.

Call Fix It Fast Plumbing INC. at 888-465-7012 for top-tier bathroom remodeling services in the Simi Valley area.

You’re a Call Away From a Perfect Bathroom!

10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

Simi Valley Plumber There are a lot of reasons why someone chooses to change their bathroom, and below, you will be able to find a number of different ways and tips to make your bathroom or bathrooms more beautiful and welcoming.

1. A Unique Shower Curtain

There isn’t a lot of furniture that you can place in your bathroom, but a beautiful and unique shower curtain can make all the difference when beautifying your bathroom. It will provide an excellent theme for the rest of your bathroom.

2. A New Renovation

If you’re bathroom is older fashioned, a great renovation will assist in beautifying your bathroom. You can change an entire theme of a bathroom making it fit the personality of your individual family.

3. Add Personal Touches like Knick Knacks

Nothing can make a bathroom more beautiful than by adding a person touch. This can be accomplished in many ways, but one of the simplest ways to do this is to simply add knick knacks that fit the personality of the bathroom and the home.

4. Add A Little Color

A lot of people tend to go with white or off-white walls in their bathrooms, but in order to beautify your bathroom, adding a splash of a different color could great increase the beauty of your bathroom.

5. Make a Statement With Design Cues From The Other Rooms

A lot of people tend to loose their decor themes in their bathrooms. By adding small touches like curtains used throughout the house, you can make your bathroom beautiful and symmetric with the other rooms.

6. Choose a Sculpture to Complete Your Theme

A small sculpture can beautify your bathroom by adding an unique focal point that says everything about your family.

7. Choose a Wallpaper That Will Provide Texture To The Bathroom

If you don’t really enjoy solid colors, a beautiful wallpaper print can be an excellent way to beautify your bathroom.

8. Find A Beautiful and Decorative Mirror

Mirrors are an important part of a bathroom, and by getting a unique and beautiful mirror, it can really add to the beauty of the overall bathroom theme.

9. Pick And Choose Accent Pieces That Set Off The ThemeSimi Valley Bathroom Remodeling

If your walls are white, you can easily beautify your bathroom by simply choosing a beautiful accent piece to draw attention upon entry.

10. Make the Bathroom Unique and Out of Time

In order to beautify your bathroom, you could accomplish this by giving it a theme that is completely different and perhaps even a little old fashioned and out of time.

Your Simi Valley home deserves a beautiful bathroom. Call Fix It Fast Plumbing at 888-465-7012 for a remodel you can be proud of!

It’s Time for a Bathroom Makeover

10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Los Angeles PlumberIf you are searching for beautiful design ideas for your bathroom, you are not alone. The bathroom may not be the easiest room to remodel, but it also is a room that provides you with fabulous opportunities.
You can replace features, refinish them or even move them to a new location, and each of these can give you amazing and unique results that you may love. You may work with your plumber to bring some of these great design ideas for your bathroom to life.

Replace Your Outdated Hardware

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to update the look of your bathroom, replacing outdated hardware is a great idea. Hardware like faucets and shower heads can easily look outdated, and they also can be corroded with hard water stains and more.
When you choose an attractive style and a designer finish, you can improve the look of your sink area as well as your bathtub and shower. Think about updated options like a cascading faucet for the bathtub, or even add a second shower head in the shower for an upgraded feel.

Think About Toilet Innovations

Replacing your toilet is also a smart idea for improving your space. Your toilet may be the same one that was installed when your home was built, and it may be older and stained. Consider if it is beneficial for you to relocate the toilet to a different area of the bathroom, and remember that a plumber can help you with this. Relocating it may add privacy or free up space in your bathroom. Think about toilet innovations such as touchless technology for flushing or low-flow options that will reduce water consumption.

Show Your Tub Some LoveLos Angeles Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathtub is likely a focal area of the bathroom, and this means that you can see great results when you make an upgrade here. Your tub can be re-glazed for an affordable improvement. Another idea is to replace the tub altogether. Choose a jetted or whirlpool tub, or choose a claw foot tub or a modern, standalone tub if space permits. These are ideas that can enhance your space with incredible results, and a plumber may assist you with the installation of a new bathtub.

As you prepare to update your space and to improve your home, consider enlisting the support you need. A professional plumber can give you the extra set of helping hands you need when remodeling your bathroom.

Let our team help you design the bathroom of your dreams. Call Fix It Fast Plumbing at 888-465-7012 for exceptional service in the Los Angeles area.


Bathroom Remodeling Issues You Need To Know

The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling

When you decide to get your bathroom remodeled, you are looking at a big project. Bathroom remodeling is not one of those jobs that you can use your homeowner’s DIY tips and tricks to finish. It is a professional job which needs proper training to be performed in the right way. First of all, you should know that plumbing issues are frequent during bathroom remodeling. Plus, there are various codes that must be followed. Simple questions like replacing tub or shower can become complicated if you don’t have experts to guide you. So make sure you are hiring our professional services when you decide to get your bathroom remodeled.

Common Plumbing Problems During Bathroom Remodel

Your old bathroom had a set design and the plumbing was installed keeping that design in mind. Now that you have a new design for your bathroom, you need our expert and professional plumbers to ensure that the plumbing agrees. Taking care of plumbing issues before starting the remodeling process is the first step of your big project. During this service, we will ensure that all pipes are functioning perfectly and nothing is damaged. Defective pipes and installations, if any, would be replaced with ones of better quality.

Local Codes During Bathroom Remodel
Different cities have different coding requirements when it comes to bathroom plumbing and remodeling is the time when you can ensure that your place is up-to-code. Our experts will visit your bathroom and inspect any code violations. These violations will be fixed before you continue your project. Thus, if any code enforcer visits your house, you would not be breaking any codes and regulations. This is one huge area where you cannot afford to be lax. Hire our expert services and make sure local codes are followed.

Shower or Tub Replacement

You can replace your shower or tub if you feel that the color, size and design don’t go with your new bathroom. Also, if your tub has cracks in it and is leaking, it is definitely past its prime and needs replacement. If your shower heads are moldy and leaky, you can get energy efficient shower heads that help to conserve water. You should never take leaks lightly and must call our professionals immediately when you notice one.

Looking to hire professional plumbers for your Los Angeles home’s bathroom remodel? Call Fix It Fast Plumbing at (888) 465-7012 for our quick and efficient services.

The 3 Main Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

The Guaranteed Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom

Los Angeles PlumberHomeowners often want to make minor improvements and major renovations to their homes that reflect their personality and personal preferences. Routine repair and maintenance items often turn into bigger projects that involve renovating a kitchen or bathroom to make necessary upgrades and decorative improvements. When people are undecided about making an investment in a bathroom remodeling project, they can follow the advice of experts and consider the top three reasons to go ahead with the renovation.

Added Value
The primary rooms that increase market value of any home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Prospective buyers want all the latest upgrades and technology with these high traffic rooms. Renovating a bathroom adds instant value to the home, but also creates a pleasant and relaxing place for the current owners to enjoy a personal spa day. Shiny clean bathrooms typically make the whole home look and feel more comfortable for current or potential owners.

Bathroom RemodelingSafety Upgrade
Aging homes are often in need of repairs and renovations that will not only serve to make rooms more functional and enjoyable, but also safer and more reliable. Broken fixtures, loose tiles, and mold growth can all detract from the appearance, value, and safety of any bathroom. Making safety upgrades is important for the existing homeowners and is also a necessary objective if the home is to be put on the market for sale. Eliminating mold, replacing broken fixtures, and stopping any leaks of potentially scalding water will increase the value of the property while also making the bathrooms safe for all users. Children and the elderly are at a greater risk of injury or respiratory distress from bathrooms that are in disrepair.

Creating a livable space that is energy efficient is the goal of many new home builders and contractors assigned to renovate an existing property. Bathrooms are a great place for homeowners to increase their energy efficiency and reduce utility and water bills. Low flow, high efficiency toilets alone can save homeowners up to twenty percent per month on their water bills. The cost savings for showers, spas, hot tubs, and other plumbing fixtures can also help homeowners reduce their overall carbon footprint while upgrading their bathrooms to the style and finish of their choice.

Is it time to remodel your Los Angeles bathroom? Call Fix It Fast today at (888) 465-7012 for our professional services!