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AC Tips – Get the Most Out of Your AC This Summer

AC Tips – Get the Most Out of Your AC This Summer


AC tips
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When temperatures soar, so does your electricity bill. Running your AC during peak temperatures comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to help make your AC run more efficiently. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to save a little money. Here are some AC tips to help you get the most out of your AC this summer.


#1 Insulation

One of the biggest AC tips we can offer is to make sure your home is properly insulated. When a home isn’t well sealed it is susceptible to air leaks. When cool air is escaping your AC has to work harder to maintain the temperature. There is also ample opportunity for warm air to penetrate as well, which also makes your AC work harder. To combat this, make sure your home is sealed. Check around doors, windows, and any openings around vents and pipes. You will also want to check attics and crawlspaces. A well-insulated home is a more efficient home. This will also help you in the winter time when you are running your heater.


#2 Thermal Curtains

Another AC tip is to invest in some thermal curtains. Thermal curtains can help keep warm air from penetrating through your windows and heating up your home. Older homes with single pane windows are more susceptible to this. If replacing the windows in your home isn’t within budget, consider investing in some thermal curtains to help keep your home cooler and more insulated.


#3 Ceiling Fans

Utilizing ceiling fans is a great AC tip that can help make your AC run more efficiently. When ceiling fans are in use they help circulate the air

AC tips
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and keep room 10 degrees cooler. This means your AC doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the temperature.


#4 Adjust the Thermostat

You can help you AC run more efficiently by adjusting the thermostat. During the summer, running your AC around 75-78 degrees can help keep your home comfortable and save you money. If you are also using thermal curtains, and ceiling fans, a higher setting on your thermostat will hardly be noticeable.


#5 AC Inspection

One of the biggest AC tips we can offer is to have your AC inspected once a year. A professional AC technician will inspect your AC and make sure that all of its mechanical parts are in good shape. Cleaning and replacing parts is part of keeping your AC running more efficiently. Just like with oil changes on your car, a well-oiled machine will last longer and run better.


Let Plumbers do the Plumbing!

DIY Fixes Gone Wrong


Simi Valley PlumberOne should always feel secure within one’s home. However, there’s a difference between confidence and hubris. There’s a lot of home improvement tasks which one can tackle on his own. However, there’s quite a few aspects of home repair which can be dangerous or even deadly to non-professionals. Part of being a responsible homeowner is knowing when the best tool for the job is the phone number of professional plumbers. In particular, there’s three areas of DIY plumbing which typically end in disaster. It’s important to keep these examples in mind when weighing the severity of an issue.

The Dangers of Pipes

Sitcoms love to use a stream of water from broken pipes as a sight gag. In reality, there’s nothing funny about a broken water pipe. Even the smallest crack in a pipe can flood one’s home and cause massive destruction. And if something does go wrong, you won’t have enough time to call the professionals to fix it back up again. Even a few hours of water pouring into a house can rack up to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Replacing a toilet

Toilets are often a problem simply because they seem like an easy fix. They’re right within the realm of what most people feel they’re capable of tackling. However, that’s also the exact reason that nobody should ever try it on their own. Installing, replacing, or repairing a toilet involves all the dangers of a broken pipe along with some very heavy objects. Imagine the panic one would feel from seeing a pipe break open. Now imagine that the person was holding on to some very heavy objects while doing so. It’s a fantastic way to not only cause property damage, but to break some bones as well.

Working on a Hot Water Heater

One should never, under any circumstances, work on a hot water heater by oneself. The other disasters will typically only incur a financial loss. Mistakes when working on a hot water heater can easily kill someone. Even worse, one might damage it further without realizing it. This additional damage could cause injury to other members of a household.Simi Valley DIY
The worst case scenario involves the hot water heater actually exploding. Working on a hot water heater by oneself is a bit like trying to defuse a bomb. Leave it to the professionals.


We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Fix It Fast Plumbing at 888-465-7012 for service in the Simi Valley area!