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Greywater Recycling and Its Effect on Water Bills

Greywater Recycling and Its Effect on Water Bills

If you’re like most people, you’re probably pretty tired of exorbitant water bills. California consumes more water than any other state in America, and it’s estimated that the average Californian uses approximately 131 gallons of water each and every day.

Have you ever stopped to consider just how much of the water that gets sent down the drain into your local sewage system is mostly clean? In fact, a large proportion of the water we consume every day is clean enough to be reclaimed and used for certain purposes that don’t require potable water.


How You Can Reuse Greywater in Your Home

Water that has been used in showers, sinks, bathtubs and washing machines; and not in the toilet, is considered greywater. Although it looks dirty and can contain dirt, soap, grease and other contaminants, it can be safely used for things such as irrigation and flushing toilets.

saving-water-in-order-to-save-moneyUntil recently, plumbing codes regarded all wastewater to be sewage. However, with the rise of environmental concerns about the scarcity of our drinking water, a shift has occurred that allows for the recycling of greywater in some states, including California.

How Does a Greywater System Work?

Greywater systems collect used water from sinks, showers, and bathtubs, and store it for irrigation use or to supply toilets. Separate plumbing is required for the collection of this water and to feed toilet tanks.

The holding tanks of a greywater system are similar to those of a typical septic system. The wastewater is held, allowing solids to rise to the surface or sink to the bottom and be filtered. Surplus greywater that has not been used within a certain amount of time is automatically eliminated through local sewage lines.

Greywater Safety

saving-money-on-water-billsThe use of greywater for irrigation or toilets is perfect safe as long as certain precautionary measures are followed. Since greywater has been used, it has a higher probability of containing bacteria. It is therefore advisable to avoid prolonged contact with it.

For irrigation purposes, greywater should be used with subsurface infiltration systems to feed lawns, ornamental vegetation, and fruit trees. Using greywater in vegetable gardens is not advised, as it should not come into contact with the edible portion of the plant.

After you have installed a greywater recycling system, you should switch to environmentally friendly soaps and detergents. Harsh chemicals, like chlorine bleach, boron and salts commonly found in regular products can damage soil and plant life if they make their way into your greywater.

Some homeowners have seen a 20 to 30% reduction in their water consumption after having a greywater system to their home.

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3 Tips for Avoiding Burst Pipes

Understanding Winter Pipe Care

Avoid a Homeowners Nightmare

For those of you who own a home or rent you know that pipes are all over the place carrying water to or from certain areas in your home. Unfortunately these pipes aren’t always going to work the way they’re supposed to. Like all things, they tend to fall apart over time. Luckily there are things you can do to prolong the life of your pipes and prevent your home from a plumbing disaster.

Simi Valley PlumberPoor Use, A Possible Cause of Burst Pipes

You think that because pipes are made out of metal they can take a beating. Yes and no here is why. The pipes are made out of strong material but when you purposely over use them with high pressure flow the material will break down.To avoid this use common sense when you turn up the pressure. Fixing and replacing pipes is not as easy as it seems so do not be reckless.

Freezing: A Major Culprit of Burst Pipes

All year around even in winter your water is going through pipes.When you do not pay your heating bill these pipes will likely freeze. So what happens is that you, the owner, gets a blowtorch or a space heater and decides to self heat the pipes.

The expansion of frozen water may constrict the outer edges of your pipes, eventually causing a burst. Even new pipes may burst this way, especially if you apply too much heat directly after the pipes freeze. This may cause them to warp.

Avoiding this would have been easy as ever if you paid attention to the nature of your Simi Valley house. So what do we do? Pay your bill and use intelligence when a simple problem comes along such as turning the heat back on.

Is The Weight of Your Lawn or Home Crippling Old Pipes?

Yes metal is strong but do not think that you can use your pipes for storage.

Many people try to hang massive amounts of weight to the pipes thinking its going to support their things. Absolutely nothing should be hanging from exposed pipes, especially not wet clothes .

Conclusion Of The Day

We all have pipes that break down but there are pipes that break down because fail to be smart or caring with them.Sure they can be replaced but at the end of the day they should never need to be replaced.It is your job to take care of them so do it.With all said and done avoiding the need to replace a burst pipe is easy no question unless it breaks down over time you should never need to replace them.Take this info and use it my fellow pipe owners good luck and good-day.

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Maintaining Your Water Heater

Why is Annual Maintenance on Your Water Heater Important?

One of the ways you can save yourself a huge amount of money each year in your utility bills is to have your hot water heater maintained by a professional plumbing repair company. The benefits to an annual maintenance contract are abundant, saving you both money and the integrity of the unit itself. Consider these reasons why annual maintenance on your water heater, and the rest of your Simi Valley home,  is so important.

Simi Valley Annual Plumbing Maintenance ServicesProviding Cleaner Water

During the year, the water heater is going to filter out a huge amount of contaminants from the water as it passes through and into your home. Those sediments eventually remain trapped in the bottom of the water heater and come in contact with the rest of the water as it is prepared to be heated. When you have an annual service contract, the repair technician will drain the water and all those contaminants in the tank, flushing them away so that the water now held in the tank will be as clear and clean as possible. Those sediments will be flushed away and make it easier for the system to provide you fresh water.

Preserving the Life of the Unit

The older the hot water heater gets, the harder it has to work to treat water that you use for cleaning or bathing in your Simi Valley home. Those calcium deposits in the water begin to deteriorate the moving parts within the tank, making it harder for the system to operate efficiently. Once the inside of the tank begins to break down, the repairs will start mounting up more frequently. One of the easiest ways to preserve your hot water heater and ensure it lasts for the maximum time, have it professionally cleaned and serviced from the inside. The plumbing repair technician will drain the water and clean the tanks interior, then check all the moving parts so they are operating at peak performance,

Reduce Risk of Failure

The longer that you go between maintenance for your hot water heater, the more likely something major can go wrong. Corrosion buildup under the tank or along any of the exterior pipes can start to leak, eventually bursting from the high pressure within and the lack of integrity of the pipe. The plumbing repair team can quickly identify areas of concern and address those issues before a full blown emergency occurs in the middle of the night and you’re walking in a pool of water looking for a repair man at 3:00 in the morning.

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Can Your Home Withstand Weather Changes?

Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing your home could save you and your family from quite a few headaches in the coming months. Remember: whether or not temperatures drop below freezing your home’s plumbing system is at risk for damage. Here is a look at some steps that you can take to protect your property and your family this fall and winter.

Simi Valley, CA Winterization Tips1. Check the Entry Points

Entry points are notoriously inefficient when it comes to keeping a home warm during the winter. Openings under doors, unused vents, and cracks around windows can increase your heating bills by as much as 70 percent during the coldest months of the year. Caulking can be used to seal up cracks and holes while a draft blocker will keep cold air from entering under a door.

2. Inspect Rain Gutters, Downspouts, and the Roof

Any damage to your roof, rain gutters, or downspouts can be disastrous during the wet season. Every homeowner should make a point of checking these areas at least a few times a year, especially before the fall and winter seasons. Your roof should have no broken shingles while the rain gutters and downspouts should have no debris inside them. One simple way to inspect your roof is to stand in the attic during the middle of the day and look for any pinholes of light coming through.

3. Look for Signs of Moisture

Any signs of moisture or standing water must be treated well before winter. These leaks can become much worse when the weather changes and temperatures drop. Some of the places that you will want to check include your basement, the ground along the outside of your home, and the cupboards below any faucets. A plumber should be called immediately if you find any signs of mold, mildew, or moisture.

4. Avoid Plumbing Freezes

After the pipes and faucets have been checked for any damage, you will also want to consider insulating them. Even if you live in an area that does not regularly drop below freezing, insulating the pipes throughout your house with foam covers will reduce how much heat is lost as water moves through the pipes.

5. Get Your Furnace Inspected

Families should never turn on their furnace without having it checked by a professional. A furnace can easily become damaged or collect debris throughout the summer, and this could lead to a fire hazard when it is used. This is also a good time to stock up on enough furnace filters to last you through the cold season.

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Make Your Plumbing Last!

How to Extend the Life of Your Plumbing Piping Sytem

Simi Valley PlumberThe life of your plumbing pipe system can be extended with just a little preparation and a lot of knowledge. Take the time to read through some of the simple steps outlined below to ensure that you are taking proper measures.

Prepare For Winter

Winter months can be especially hard on your home’s pipes. Homes that have a crawlspace have a higher potential for the pipes to freeze since the pipes run through the crawlspace. Insulating your pipes can significantly reduce the chances of the pipes freezing bursting. Additionally, the water heater should be insulated to help increase the life of your plumbing pipe system.

Prevent Clogs

Preventing clogs in your pipes can help with extending their life. Small steps such as making sure you are only flushing toilet paper will make a big difference. Avoid flushing anything else down your toilet and make sure everyone else in the house is educated.

Keeping the toilet seat down when it isn’t in use will have with any accidental flushes, especially if you have smaller children in the house. Invest in some drain plugs to avoid hair going down the drains in both your sink and showers. Hair can collect in the drain and clump together, which will eventually cause clogs in your drains.

Pipe Type

There are different pipe types that have different life times. Galvanized iron pipes eventually will begin to rust. This will cause deposits to start to enter into your water unbeknownst to you. They also only have a life of approximately 30 years or less. Plastic pipes, also known as PVC, is a new trend that is starting to become popular in the United States.Simi Valley Plumbing Maintenance

However, if your home has plastic pipes, beware that it often will bend and also has a tendency to become brittle. The plastic piping, although a cheaper option and also a fast install, will require a lot more maintenance and also will need to be replaced eventually. Copper pipes are much more durable allowing them to live the entire life of your house. The fact that they won’t rust adding the deposits into your water also makes them a lot safer.

If you have the means, adding copper pipes to your home instead of Galvanized iron pipes will ensure that you extend the life of your plumbing pipe system. The copper generally doesn’t require any repairs once it has been added into the home.

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Don’t Put Your Home At Risk!

Keep Your Home In Top Conditions


Los Angeles PlumberAs a homeowner, one of your greatest concerns is probably ensuring that your property’s value is preserved through the duration of your ownership. There is nothing to be ashamed of in regards to such a worry, as a home can easily be considered as being one of the most valuable assets an individual or family can own. Therefore, it will always be in a homeowner’s greatest interest to ensure that their home’s components, amenities, and appliances are working efficiently and properly.

If you have noticed certain aspects of your home’s components slowing down or working improperly, then you will need to diagnose your home’s components through thorough inspections. One of the most commonly utilized components in a home is the plumbing system. A home’s plumbing system is utilized through toilets, bathtubs, sinks, showers, dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, water sprinklers, swimming pools, and sewers. The water that circulates through all of the drains and pipelines will eventually dispose itself through a sewage system. If the sewage system is malfunctioning for any reason, the water will most likely become clogged up within the drains and pipelines.

In order to arrive at optimal performance within one’s sewage lines, it is highly imperative for a homeowner to ensure that they conduct the proper steps of inspection. Unfortunately, many homeowners will pursue in taking care of certain plumbing issues themselves. This can backfire on them if they do not have a vast understanding or experience with plumbing systems in general.

Los Angeles Plumbing MaintenanceBy hiring a professional to conduct one’s plumbing maintenance repairs, upgrades, or replacements, a homeowner will be at a greater advantage than attempting to fix a problem by themselves. This is because a professional plumber has attained the skills and experience necessary to accomplish problematic tasks in relation to a home’s drains and pipelines. We know that there are several components, amenities, and appliances that are attached to the overall plumbing system. However, not too many are aware of the domino effect that can occur in a plumbing system. Meaning, if a specific area of a plumbing system is damaged, then it could very well mean the entire plumbing system will become affected in one way or another. It can be very difficult to fix such problems without the help of a professional plumber that specializes in inspecting and fixing drains, pipelines, and sewage systems.

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One Simple Tip to Lower Your Expenses

Saving Money With Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

A plumbing emergency is never going to be a good thing for someone’s budget or bottom line. The truth is, you are going to have to spend huge sums to fix problems in the home when your plumbing goes haywire. For this reason alone, you want to have preventive plumbing maintenance work done. Preventive maintenance comes in many forms. Changing fixtures, running a rooter down drain pipes, or replacing rusting plumbing could prove to be the most economically smart investments a homeowner could make.

The Smaller the Repair Work, the Less the Cost

As simple economics would dictate, more expansive repair work means greater costs. Something as very simple as replacing a shower-head and its washer or, for that matter, a length of the pipe that connects the shower head to the water supply eliminates the damage resulting from uncontrollable leaking.

Leaks are capable of causing major structural damage. The floors, ceiling, and walls of a home can be destroyed when a leak is excessive. A minor fix early on can reduce troubles of this nature.

Flooding and How to Avoid It
Does the toilet gurgle or does the drain empty out ridiculously slow? These are signs of a clog developing in the plumbing system. A flood could cause far worse damage than a leak. Imagine if a flood in the kitchen or bathroom occurred at 3 A.M. You may not even know something is wrong until the water floods all through the home causing an outrageous level of damage to property.

Not only are you now forced to pay for repair bills, you also have to invest money in replacing the property that was lost. That is, if you can replace the property. In some cases, rare, irreplaceable items might be ruined.

Preventive maintenance work such as clearing out the drain with a professional rotor might stop such a scenario from ever occurring.

Request and Inspection

It never hurts to request a professional plumbing service perform an inspection. This might be the most proactive preventive step you could take. A comprehensive inspection could uncover a problem before it turns into an extremely serious one.

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