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Your home’s plumbing plays a vital role in the functionality of home living. The plumbing is responsible for several of the most important tasks such as showering, washing clothes and dishes, using sinks, so on and so forth. However, many homeowners tend to neglect to perform proper maintenance. Practicing a preventative routine can ensure that your plumbing is continuously working up to par while keeping unexpected disasters at bay.

When you are faced with trouble, trust Fix It Fast Plumbing Co. We have a team of specialized and experienced plumbers ready to assist you in complications of all severities. You can rest assured we use only top-of-the-line products and equipment to service your home. We promise your 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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What are signs you have a water leak?

Homeowners need to keep an eye out for signs of a water leak around their home. One of the most common signs of a water leak is a dark spot on the ceiling. This spot could indicate that water is dripping from the internal plumbing system. If these problems are noticed, it is important for homeowners to immediately take action to assess the cause of this damage.

Some homeowners who experience a water leak can sometimes hear the leakage within the walls. These sounds could get louder when appliances are actually being used. In extreme cases, a water leak could even cause low water pressure. Other homeowners may notice a water leak on their monthly water bills. If these bills are unusually high, it is possible that leakage could be the cause.

When is it time to repair  or replace your water heater?  

Water heaters should be repaired when damage is relatively minor. In many cases, professionals will need to replace small parts during a regular inspection. Some components can simply wear out over time. This does not mean that your heater system needs to be entirely replaced. In some cases, it may be possible to have certain components replaced under the terms of the warranty. In these cases, it is usually recommended to simply repair the water heater.

Water heaters should be replaced when the cost of a repair exceeds the cost of replacement. It is an important factor in the total cost of future repairs when making this calculation. A new water heater will be less likely to break and less expensive to maintain.

It may also be necessary to replace a water heater when an older unit uses too much energy. Modern water heaters use far less energy than they did in the past. This could result in savings on monthly utility bills. For this reason, replacement is often advantageous for homeowners in today’s world. Water heaters are generally designed to last more than a decade, but early replacement could be justified by these cost savings.

Do you need professional drain cleaning?

Homeowners may not be sure when a professional drain cleaning is necessary. Fortunately, your plumbing will demonstrate several signs that can alert you that you are in need of drain cleaning.

The first step is to ask yourself,

  • Is my sink or tub “stopped up?”
  • Are my drains constantly clogged?
  • Can I look down my drain and see disgusting gunk?
  • Does my drain emit any foul odors?

If you answered yes to any of the above question, it is wise to invest in a professional drain cleaning. By working with our professionals, homeowners can permanently fix these drainage problems.

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