Thousand Oaks Pipe Bursting Repair

Beverly Hills Pipe Bursting Repair

This process replaces the existing pipe with a new plastic, but welded pipe. A special cone shaped metal head is pulled through the existing sewer replacing the existing pipe as it is pulled through with a hydraulic machine. The positive side of this Pipe Bursting process is it is affordable, long lasting and there is a limited amount of landscape repair that is needed. The only downfall to the Pipe Bursting process is some cities have not approved this process and if there is an existing belly (sagging) of the existing sewer the new burst sewer will have this sagging as well. Most sewers being replaced using the Pipe Bursting process only require two holes; one at each connection location. The Pipe Burst process can sometimes be completed in a one-day process. We use this process on a daily basis and offer a 25 year warranty.


Sewer Lining
Sewer Lining is another technique that can help save money, as well as eliminate sewer problems on a permanent basis. The Sewer Lining process relines the existing sewer with a new fiberglass pipe. The new fiberglass pipe is blown in to the existing sewer then inflated while cured to form fit the inner lining of the pipe.

Approximately 50-75% costlier than the fore-mentioned process, this process is used normally in a specific manner or in certain situations. When needed, the sewer lining process, while more expensive than the other, can save time and substantial money.

One example is the repair on a sewer lateral. This is the section of piping that attaches your hosue sewer to the city sewer and, yes, unfortunately, this section is your responsibility. Throughout the years, the only way to repair this section of piping was to saw cut, excavate down in the city street and physically remove and replace the bad section of pipe. And yes, this process is very costly. I’ve seen numbers starting at a minimum of $20,000. Yes, your kids college fund went right down the drain, no pun intended.

The sewer lining process can repair most sewer laterals costing less than half the cost. In most cases, this process can also be completed in one day and normally only requires one hole in your landscaping. We can transition between 4″ and 6″ sewers and it will come with a 25 year warranty as well.

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