Water Heater Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Water Heater Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s easy to take your water heater for granted. In today’s world, we simply turn on the hot water tap and get hot water like magic. Hundreds of years ago, homeowners would be required to boil water for washing, laundry and bathing.

home-water-heater-maintenanceIt seems that the only time we are fully able to appreciate our water heaters are when the systems break down or malfunction.

Avoid these complications and inconveniences with simple water heater maintenance. Keeping your water heater from breaking down, improving efficiency and saving money is easy when you follow these simple and effective tips.

Save Money by Lowering the Temperature

Did you know that most manufacturers pre-set water heaters to 140 degrees? For most homeowners, this is completely unnecessary. If we used water this hot, it would scald us. Water heaters set at 120 or 130 degrees are just as effective and offer significant energy savings on your monthly energy bills. Water heaters set at lower temperatures will also produce less sediment and require fewer repairs over time.

Prevent Future Repairs with Annual Cleaning

Minerals, such as calcium in our water react to being heated by the water heater and create sediment that sinks and gathers at the bottom of the tank. This sediment is dangerous for numerous reasons but is mostly bad because it causes blockages and creates an environment for corrosion within the tank.

To prevent these types of issues, we recommend cleaning your hot water tank at least once per year. This job may seem extensive, but the money you save from repairs and malfunctions will make it completely worth it. First, you must empty the tank and then proceed to clean out all the sediment. This is also a good opportunity to inspect the tank and see if any other spots require attention.

Improve the Longevity of the Water Heater with an Insulator

Insulating your water tank is a great way to combine savings, prevent repairs and improve the longevity of your water heater and tank. Water tank insulators can be purchased at almost any hardware store.

faucet-hot-waterIt’s usually sold in pre-cut jackets that retail for around $20. These insulators help the tank retain heat and put less strain on the heater itself.

By insulating your water tank, you are able to slow down wear and tear on your water heater and help it last longer in your home.

These easy tips and tricks are too effective to ignore. Simply taking the time to do these three maintenance tips will make a huge difference in the performance and cost of your water heater.

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