Simi Valley Water Heaters/ Tankless Water Heaters

The king of standard tank style water heaters. The best warranty in the market, and made in U.S.A. Our Bradford White water heaters carry either a full 6yr. or a 10yr. tank warranty. This is a full warranty unlike our competitors. If the tank fails within the warranty period, we will supply and install a new unit at no additional charge. Working parts carry a full 1yr. warranty, ie. thermo safety sensor, control valve etc.

(note: if new city codes are required that were not in place during the original installation additional fees will be required to bring to currant code.

Most companies only offer a 1 yr. warranty, their heaters carry a pro-rated warranty, for each day the heater is in place it reduces in value. We have heard complaints that even with an existing warranty in place, our competitors clients were quoted almost the cost of a new unit installed. This won’t happen with us.

Tankless Water Heaters

A good place to start reducing your carbon footprint. On demand hot water helps eliminate the wasting of fuel. These units do not use the traditional pilot light method. As you turn on your fixture. A small electrical signal is sent to the electronic ignitor and fires up the unit, as soon as you turn off the fixture the heater cuts off. Not only will you save energy, but you will also have an unlimited amount of hot water at your disposal. With rebates available from the local utility companies, and the Federal Government a tankless water heater may be the way to go for you.

Water Heater Maintenance

This process is like an oil change on your car. Want it to last? Then make sure this is completed at least once a year.

After time, solid debris will settle at the bottom of your Water Heater forming a barrier between the fire that heats the water and the thermostat located above the bottom of the tank. This layer of debris can cause the water heater to over work, wasting fuel and creating over heating of the bottom of the water heater tank. Have you ever heard your water heater rumbling? This happens when the debris finally allows the cool water entering into your tank to hit the red hot over heated bottom of the tank. This process creates a contracting and expanding of the metal at the bottom of the tank leading to a cracked water heater tank in the future.

Also, each water heater has a magnesium anode rod installed into it. This will attract the electrical current that travels through your water system protecting the inner lining of the water heater from corrosion. After time, this rod will disintegrate. It must be inspected and replaced every couple of years.