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Water Heaters / Tankless

Do You Need a New Water Heater?

Our team of experts are available to quickly repair or replace your Hot Water Heater.

Tankless Water Heaters

A good place to start reducing your carbon footprint is with a tankless water heater. On-demand hot water helps eliminate fuel waste. As you turn on your fixture, a small electrical signal is sent to the electronic ignitor that fires up the unit. As soon as you turn off the fixture, the heater cuts off. Not only will you save energy, but you will also have an unlimited amount of hot water at your disposal.

Water Heater Maintenance

After time, solid debris will settle at the bottom of your water heater, forming a barrier between the fire that heats the water and the thermostat located above the bottom of the tank. This layer of debris can cause the water heater to overwork, wasting fuel and creating overheating of the bottom of the water heater tank. This process causes contracting and expanding of the metal at the bottom of the tank, leaving you with a cracked water heater tank in the future.

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A tankless water heater will give you all the hot water you need, and then some. You can wash clothes, bathe the kids, and still have endless hot water for a shower.

With a tankless hot water heater, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

Save up to 70% on your water heating

Energy efficiency

Can run multiple appliances at the same time

Consistent & controllable water temperature

You will never face a serious flood

Saves space

20-year life expectancy

Peace of mind

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Waiting for hot water can be annoying and it wastes water. Our experts can ensure that hot water arrives to your taps instantly so you don’t have to wait. The best part is we can do this without breaking any walls or adding more piping, and at a fraction of the cost you may expect. We install tankless water heaters, gas water heaters, and solar water heaters.


If your water heater is not working and you’re in need of water heater repair, think of the experts at Fix It Fast Plumbing. Our team of experts is available to quickly repair or replace your hot water heater.


No matter which Eternal you choose, you’ll get endless hot water and consistent pressure. When installed in optional recirculation, you’ll save water by never waiting for hot water again.

The Future is Here – 98% More Efficient


316L stainless steel heat exchanger w/ built-in 2-gallon reserve tank

Leaves almost no carbon footprint

Patented self-cleaning

Meets NSF Standards


98% more efficiency saves cost, exceeds ENERGY STAR standards, and qualifies for tax and LEED credits

Can mount to the wall or floor

Flexible power vent conversions in one unit

PVC venting up to 100ft

Dual core CPU displays error codes

Optionally controlled by up to 3 remotes

Clip-on components can be easily serviced by technicians


Industry’s BEST 20-year residential and 10-year commercial heat exchanger warranty

No startup lag

Easy integration with recirculation

Compatible with WaterSense fixtures

High output without water pressure dropping

Meets UL / CSA / ANSI / NSF and UPC standards


Up to 14.5 GPM of unrestricted flow

145,000 BTU’s Max Input

Great for up to 3 simultaneous residential applications

Copper internal piping connections

Available S option factory-installed 316L stainless steel internal piping connections

GU195 (S, M) MODEL

Up to 19.5 GPM of unrestricted flow

199,000 BTU max input

Great for heavy residential or light commercial up to 5 simultaneous applications

316L stainless steel internal piping connections

Available M option factory-installed multi control unit module for up to 8 x GU195M in-network for heavy commercial

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Google Reviews
  • Jaime came to the house right on time, conducted himself very professionally and repaired our needs. I recommend Fix It Fast plumbing services.

    Rick Corradini Avatar
    Rick Corradini
  • I called with an urgent need for a main sewer line stoppage in our building in Moorpark. Two experienced plumbers arrived within a few hours (and an hour sooner than promised), arrived in a clean truck, wearing clean uniforms, were professional and knowledgeable about the repair, and made the repair quickly. Happy commercial customer.

    Philip Ochoa Avatar
    Philip Ochoa
  • We wanted to both fix and upgrade some items in our plumbing needs in 2 bathrooms and kitchen. We were in the process of selling our house and needed it done quickly. The Fix it Fast Team gave us clear options and quotes allowing us to choose what was best for the situation and ultimately the new home owners. The job was done well and faster than expected!

    Terry Gourley Avatar
    Terry Gourley
  • All I can say is that these guys are legit. Sam and Willie showed up @ the expected time from when they called me from their previous call. Now here is were the big difference came in. While explaining the standard issues with water heaters. Sam did not try to get me to accept any type of line. I asked him what the price was and he delivered it right away and it and he was hundreds less than the other company I had called. Sam was confident and very knowledgeable. You could tell right away that these were good guys. The best thing the hot water heater was replaced in less than 3 hours. So believe everything on their site. I do know they have a customer for life with me and I will let people know who to call for the best and most honest service I have ever received from a plumbing company. Kudos Sam and Willie! Thanks again!

    Bob Walton Avatar
    Bob Walton
  • Called Sam for my neighbors, a couple in their 80's. Nothing draining, and they had another plumbing company out the previous day that had quoted them almost $16,000 to repair it. Sam and his son came out within a couple of hours, and it was Sunday. He cleared the blockage and identified the problem as bad cast iron plumbing under the 55 year old house, and said that the lines would continue to plug unless the old lined were replaced. He scheduled his crew for the following day to dig out and replace the lines with new PVC. The entire job was less than a third of what the other company quoted. You can't beat Fix-it Fast, they are capable, honest and fair.

    Rick Aldridge Avatar
    Rick Aldridge
  • Great service and quality work. Jaime was great. Thanks again. I would recommend there service. I have used fix it fast many time and been happy with there work.

    Jolly bouncers Avatar
    Jolly bouncers
  • Sam and his team are great. They are real real professional and responsive. I highly recommend them and will use them for future plumbing projects.

    Gregg Towsley Avatar
    Gregg Towsley
  • I've had two lingering issues: one minor, one somewhat major. I decided that whoever handles the minor issue well would be deserving of the more complex job. Sam quickly responded and came out to offer an estimate. Instead of talking me into a more expensive option (which three other plumbers attempted to do), he recommended just repairing the existing valve (others never said it was possible to repair) that would save me money. Since his price was very competitive I opted for a more expensive option to replace the valve. He asked a few times if I was sure. When is the last time a plumber wanted to save you money? His repairman was fast and clean. Job well done!

    Onto a more complex job. We were told by previous plumbers that we had to have our sewer line replaced. Sam busted out his pipe snake camera and showed me the issue with my sewer line. Did he tell me that I need a whole new sewer line? Nope. Told me he can just spot fix the issue which again would save me money. Gave an excellent quote, set the appointment for the following Monday and was exactly on time. 4 hours later spot repair done!

    Sam is our new plumber! Him and his guys should be yours as well!

    Art Bykov Avatar
    Art Bykov